BENEW Sandbox

Homeless Man

This is not a wrapped up tale, LIFE never is.

HOLLYWOOD, OPRAH AND TED will need to wait. There is no finite ending here, just a work in progress.

This is about seeing something troublesome out of the corner of my eye and not letting go for thirteen years, and still not letting go.

It is about many tiny baby steps and moments of bravery & courage for all those involved. It is about trying to save another while mysteriously saving myself too.

It is about magical bread crumbs scattered by an unknown force and how a ripple could become a WAVE.

It is how a Homeless Man and I accidentally crossed paths on a late summer day on a midtown Manhattan street right before 9/11 and how this chance encounter blossomed into a friendship that has intertwined many lives. Unfolding like a tapestry of endless possibilities and opportunities for all mankind.